With the arrival of summer, the owners of personal plots and cottages are thinking about how to tidy up their lawn – an important component of landscape design. And the best solution to the problem would be to buy a lawn mower. However, making the right choice with all the variety of models and brands is not so easy. In our review, we will talk about how to choose a lawn mower based on your individual needs and give a rating of lawn mowers in three different categories of this lawn and park equipment. Choose the best lawn sweeper with our help.

Types of lawn mowers
How to choose the right lawn mower? First, you need to understand the functional differences between the lawn mower and similar gardening equipment: trimmers and brushcutters. Often, owners of suburban real estate do not see a significant difference between this equipment, which is fraught with mistakes when choosing a technique.

The lawn mower is a medium-sized and powerful lawn mowing machine on wheels for mowing lawn grass on level terrain.
The trimmer is a low power hand-held mechanism consisting of a cutting element, a bar and a motor. The trimmer is used when you need to cut grass on uneven surfaces, in hard-to-reach places and near plantings. This device is usually used to treat relatively small areas. Or for mowing the remaining areas where the mower has failed.
Motokosa (benzokos) – a more powerful and structurally more reliable trimmer option. Designed for mowing tall grass and mowing uneven areas. It can be used as the main tool for maintaining the site if it is not possible to use a lawn mower, but due to the fact that the mowing is carried out by hand and is uneven, it is not well suited for use on lawn grass.
So, we decided that the lawn mower is the best option for areas with flat terrain and simple geometry. However, this is only the beginning of the journey. Next, you need to choose the type of lawn mower.

How to choose a lawn mower

The rational choice of a lawn mower involves linking its technical and functional characteristics with the characteristics of the area where the grass will be mowed and user preferences. To do this, we recommend drawing up a table, in one column of which there will be the criteria you set (personal preferences and site conditions), in the second – the compliance of the mower’s characteristics with these parameters, for example, “1 – yes” and “0 – no”, in the third – their weight that characterizes the individual value to you. The most significant factors will have the maximum weight – the multiplication factor.

You can use our test, which will greatly simplify the choice of the type of lawn mower (table 2). To calculate the result, you need to add the scores corresponding to your answers and compare the resulting value with the nominal values ​​(given at the end of the table). Оригинал статьи: https://www.kp.ru/guide/kak-vybrat-gazonokosilku-dlja-dachi.html

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