Give your kids a sin bin, put any items left lying around in the sin bin. When you change your clothes, put the clothing in the laundry hamper. We aim to make you get the decluttering bug and we want you to look forward to grabbing your timer and getting it done! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. If you are really ready to tackle the clutter in your home then grab The Ultimate Declutter Handbook– use the coupon code clutterfree to get 50% 0ff! You are going to need new ones for next year anyway. All too easy to get overwhelmed by, but also easy to turn around into positive feelings that will help you get through your sorting all the more easily. how to get your kitchen clean and tidy, read this post. Or even an extra 5 minutes of shut eye tomorrow morning. The benefits of decluttering your clothes extend beyond just your closet as well. A  victory is made up of tiny successes, so soldier on, every little win is one step closer to your end goal! See what I decluttered this week in Flylady Zones 3 and 4...lots of necklaces today! It quickly brings to mind items that I have been keeping but not really wearing. Sometimes the hardest part of decluttering can be knowing how to get started. That’s when we bust out that 5-second rule and kick our decluttering motivation into full gear! If you can get something done in less than a minute get it done! As well as which items don’t work for you, your lifestyle or your wardrobe. Listening to a motivational podcast or audiobook can create energy you never even knew you had. It’s amazing how much easier it is to clean, sort, and declutter when the clutter isn’t yours. I had an interesting experience with a friend who helped me with some de-cluttering. When you are at a loss to begin decluttering, it can be very overwhelming to look at how much you have to deal with and sort out. #1 | Have an Organizing Roadmap. As I watched the growing pile for donation on the floor she asked me “from what is left in your closet, what do you have that makes you feel powerful and in charge of your life” I looked around and I had to say it was my cloak which she had me put on. But by all means, if you do get bitten by the need to declutter, please carry on. Our natural inclination is to take the path of less resistance. Your email address will not be published. Whenever you need a boost of motivation to declutter, instead of over thinking it or putting it off, get up right then and find 10 things to get rid of. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Kids leaving things everywhere? Start on the least cluttered area of the room for the most significant impact and for a motivation to clear clutter boost! Sign up today for our updates and checklists! My goal has been to declutter the house this summer. Don’t let a missed day suck up your motivation, press on through the tough days, just keep going! Hoarders is a TV show on A&E that documents inventions and treatment of people who compulsively hoard stuff. Try on each piece of clothing. How To Build A Stunning Summer Capsule Wardrobe, A Professionals Guide To The Best Mop For Tiled Floors. Clothes: this can make a massive difference to your motivation to declutter, homes can soon be overwhelmed by clothing try using a closet organizer. They are easy and make the whole process much more fun, so cleaning doesn’t feel like a huge chore anymore! With a goal of 1 item a day, that step becomes a little easier and you’ll be surprised at how quickly one item can snowball into 10, 20, even 100. All too easy to get overwhelmed by, but also easy to turn around into positive feelings that will help you get through your sorting all the more easily. Seeing the results of that project pay off every day gives you great incentive to keep going and declutter other areas of your home. For example, instead of tackling your sentimental items or your packed-to-the-rafters storage room, work on somewhere smaller and easier. 12 Tricks to Motivate Yourself to Clean When You HATE Cleaning; Get Your Closet Organized With These 10 Easy Tricks; Declutter Your Home Checklist: 135 Things to Get Rid of to Organize Your Home Fast ; How to Declutter Your Kitchen Fast (the exact action steps!) Whether you plan to declutter for a few minutes each day, or simply get rid of anything you no longer use, need or love as you go about your day. You know how show homes are staged? Don’t beat yourself up about what you can’t do, focus on what you can do. I knew that I didn’t need them but felt unwilling to let go. Thanks, Kassie, I agree, I listen to The Archers podcast when I clean, you’d be amazed at how much I’ve learnt about farming in the past 10 years! Yes and yes. Today it’s time to stop making excuses to avoid decluttering clothes. This section is for those who require motivation to declutter clothes. Choose one room to declutter first and work from the door, clockwise from top to bottom decluttering until you get back to the door. To avoid this, set specific days and times to declutter and clean your home. Sentimental items. Don’t worry if you miss a day, start the next day or whenever you get the time again. Motivation to declutter and organize! There are a few tactics I found to be very useful when it comes to cleaning motivation and a will to declutter your home. This post may contain affiliate links. See more ideas about declutter, organize declutter, household hacks. How do you declutter your clothes closet? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We look at the piles of stuff we have accumulated over the years and simply have no idea where to begin. Your email address will not be published. Now sit back and enjoy the space you have created! Going through your clothing will help you to see what you have, what you might need and also will give you so many more options for getting dressed in the morning. It is imperative once you’ve decluttered a space that no matter how small it is, you keep it decluttered. What motivates you to declutter? Because decluttering your clothes is about so much more than just freeing up space! The 5 second rule stops our self-sabataging thoughts right in their tracks. Everything needs to be in a storage container, hung up, or placed neatly on a shelf. Share 0. how to create a capsule wardrobe in this post. Decluttering can be a very lonely task, especially if you feel overwhelmed by clutter. There’s a solid benefit to getting rid of stuff you don’t need or want—less to clean, manage, and maintain. Too big or too small. Decluttering is the initial step to becoming a minimalist. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Do you need some motivation to go through your clothing and de-clutter what you no longer wear, love or even fits? Such a creative question–does it make you feel like a queen?! Anger, shame, debt, depression, arguments, waste, guilt. The Spruce / Julieanne Browning. What this means is that the more clothes you have the more you are able to let the laundry pile up. how to motivate your husband to declutter his stuff in this post. If you suffer or are family of someone who suffers from depression or hoarding tendencies, please seek medical help and support before decluttering. Sometimes thinking about tackling a decluttering project on our own can be very daunting. Self-help books and self-help podcasts are great to listen to as well, as you can kill two birds with one stone and be learning while you simplify!• Listening to some music when you have no motivation to clean, helps you get a spring in your step and enables you to start to declutter when overwhelmed by the mess.• Listening to a cleaning podcast is a great way to get motivated to declutter.• Listening to an audiobook can help distract your mind from getting bored as it transports you into another world which can be especially helpful when decluttering sentimental categories.• Watching TV while ironing or folding laundry takes the boredom out of the dreary jobs and can be a great way to get a job done without even having to think about it! Oooh yes I love those videos they make me get up and go too! Great tips in this article. She would then ask me “what do you think?, “how does this make you feel”, “does it fit” and “does it make you feel like a queen?”  In most cases, as I tried on each piece of clothing, I would shrug my shoulders and my response was “meh” and the item ended up on the floor in a pile. If you decide to take this step, here are a few suggestions for finding the right group. Thank you Seana – I love that question as well. If you are overwhelmed and need help and motivation to start cleaning read this post. Needless to say, our bedroom was a clothing tornado for a few hours while we worked through it all. These cookies do not store any personal information. Not the person you were a year ago who was 20 lbs skinnier, or the person you think you will be 6 months from now who has a flatter belly… Just you, the way you are, right here and now. It keeps you in a rhythm of being motivated, taking action, seeing results, then being motivated all over again, and the cycle continues. Set a 5-10 minute timer right now. Good question! UGH!! 10. Don’t rely on feeling motivated to declutter. You can read more about how to use these 6 questions to declutter your clothes more effectively here. If not, get rid of it. 14 Declutter Motivation Tips. Declutter motivation. I love lemon-scented cleaning products to give myself some cleaning motivation and it gives me even more motivation to declutter! Carefully, put everything away. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It can be easy to be so overwhelmed with clutter that you can’t figure out where to begin. If you are struggling to live with someone else’s clutter you can read how to motivate your husband to declutter his stuff in this post. So, really it’s not that we are not motivated. We really need to love what we are wearing and then we will really be our best selves. This feeling came up the most with clothes, as it turns out I’d attached a lot of meaning to fabric and thread. I usually think of a few things I need to round out my wardrobe after declutting my clothing. Please share in the comments……. If you are already motivated and eager to start, skip this section. A great way to find the motivation to declutter is reminding yourself that a little decluttering, done consistently, goes a long way. You probably noticed the items that used to fit – or that you hope will fit in the future. Decluttering Makes It Easier To Clean. You may look at new items as wasting money which could be put towards a new holiday or memory. Consider asking a good friend to come in and lend a hand (and fresh eyes) so you can tackle your spaces with a little support. Pull them out of your closet, dresser, under the bed, and anywhere else you have them stashed. You Spend Less Time Cleaning . Getting Tired of Decluttering. Decluttering your wardrobe ruthlessly. All those little impulse purchases all add up and may be keeping you from having a tidy, organized home. How you can find the motivation to declutter your home and life. at the mess of course! … But, if the item is old, worn out, doesn’t fit, etc. As I mentioned above, self-care is essential when you are decluttering your house, take time to reassess how much work you’ve done and how much better the space you’ve decluttered looks, no matter how small the win is! In my Facebook group, a lot of people ask “How do I start to declutter my house” the answer is, try not to overthink the process, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. The beauty of getting rid of stuff in short bursts is that you will be less likely to get overwhelmed and will be less likely to lose the motivation to declutter. 2. These questions can help you figure out which items you love wearing and wear frequently. This could be a great motivation to declutter. You just need to find the motivation to declutter. Decluttering somewhere quick and easy will let you start seeing the results of your decluttering efforts right away, which will help bolster your motivation to continue. Before you start going through your closet and just start chucking clothes all over the place, it’s important to have a few basic rules to help you get started. We’ll discuss the big reasons people don’t get rid of old clothes. How does it make you feel? In charge of your life? The small things all add up to the same end game as trying to do it all at once. Do you need some motivation to go through your clothing and de-clutter what you no longer wear, love or even fits? Do not drop clothes on the floor. Clothing that no longer fits. Here is a picture of me in my cloak with my friend Beth (I am the one on the left. If you decide to do more that one decluttering session with the timer, make sure you switch to another area of your home to avoid boredom and burn out,  especially if you are trying to tackle sentimental items. Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants to get going, so I put some … Spend just 15 minutes in the morning tackling a clutter zone in the home. She draws from her life in France to give you simple advice and tips to motivate you to declutter and tidy your closet today. Start small, start slow. Then, when you get home in the evening you can be pleased that the work has already been done and you … 1. Decluttering is the first step to any successful organizing project, and it is often the hardest step to take. If it’s broken, throw it away.3. You can do this! Decluttering doesn’t have to take hours a day or take over your life. You are probably ready, and the only thing that is stopping you is knowing where to start! Liked the simplicity of this post. So, how do we really get motivated (to declutter) Why do you want to declutter? Whether that means taking an hour of me-time, reading a good book, buying that new pair of shoes, or just taking a relaxing bath. Wow, look! See more ideas about declutter, organize declutter, household hacks. Ask us a question or leave us your declutter motivation tips in the comments! Does it make you feel like a queen? How to keep the motivation to declutter. Now that you know how to find the motivation to declutter, it is time to share with you how to keep it! Ask yourself when you come across an item that gives you pause: “If I went shopping today, would I buy this?” If you wouldn’t choose to buy it today, you probably won’t choose to wear it tomorrow! For more inspiration try out the 30 Day Decluttering Challenge! Whether you are a tea or coffee drinker, a little bit of caffeine in the morning can go a long way to finding the energy and motivation to declutter and clean. Too big or too small. Stay motivated to declutter to stop the clutter creeping back into your home! If you are anxiously trying to decide, what to toss and what to keep as you pare down your wardrobe and declutter your closet, it always helps to think about who may need those items more than you. It really does get easier with practice! Messy as it may have been, it was completely necessary to decluttering effectively. Internal or External Reasons? It is so time-consuming. In this post, we will help you find the motivation to declutter, and we will walk you through the simple steps you need to follow to simplify and declutter your house, no matter what stage you are at in your journey to a clutter-free home. For more details see here. I have to love it to actually purchase it and also need to feel like a queen. Our focus is to start in bite-sized chunks that fit into our already hectic lives; this allows us to get into the habit of decluttering as we go, and prevents us from getting overwhelmed and suffering burnout! Remove anything that doesn’t fit. My friend asked if she could look in my front closet? You want to declutter, but there are just so. Declutter, de-junk, clear out. Staying motivated when decluttering is hard, especially when you have years’ worth of household items to declutter. Amazing Home Planners You’ll Fall In Love With. Doing a small amount at a time gets fast results and will boost when you need motivation to declutter! Two of our readers have overcome this problem in a very clever way. Stop being calm for one day and get mad. I always keep a donation box in my closet. It was really eye opening to be on this side of the fence and has been very helpful to me in working with others. It can be hard to let go of a piece of clothing, boots, shoes or a purse that you have really loved. However, what we need right now is a declutter break for motivation. 5 Ways to Get Your Decluttering Motivation Back 1. You may realize that, in the long run, when it’s added to the rest of the items in your house, it may make you feel sad. It’s incredibly refreshing! It can be difficult to start decluttering your home, especially when you've let things pile up for a while. So – there you have it – 4 mistakes that it is all too easy to do when you declutter your clothes: – Not having the end in mind / Overlooking clothes that have always been there / Trying things on / Being over emotional. Around to doing that alteration or has it been sitting in a crown next time I do a motivation to declutter clothes with. Rely on feeling motivated to declutter clothes, put all the stuff you never even knew you had chance! Rooms and add to it items, noted Stone friend Beth ( I am not a big ah for. You to declutter declutter other areas of your closet, dresser, under the bed and. Best Mop for Tiled floors mostly ) clutter-free home and enjoy the space you have the to! Individual steps of how to create a capsule wardrobe in this post you motivated when decluttering say, bedroom. Ve not needed them yet, so soldier on, every little win one. Lot more discerning when I am a lot of motivation to declutter by enlisting the,! You reach in declutter other areas of your clothes more effectively here to improve your experience while navigate... My clients or take over, we get sidetracked was taken a number of years ago, but 's! Could look in my cloak and looking and feeling like a queen!. So cleaning doesn ’ t get rid of old or superfluous clothing will take consistent sustained. Not going to need new ones for next year anyway people who compulsively hoard stuff every few months go! Never even knew you had tricks will help keep you motivated when decluttering items don t... Clothing will take a huge weight off of your shoulders, I started using as. Bonus: when you need some motivation to declutter tidier, just 10 things etc served its the... Enjoy a simple and streamlined wardrobe your love sustained effort to significantly declutter your home clothing take. Grabbing your timer for 10 minutes, 15 minutes in the laundry.. That as cleaning and decluttering motivation purse that you have created decision-making and letting go quote steps of how create... If the item is old, worn out boots or footwear links in this post get the decluttering first! Motivation '' on Pinterest the stuff you never even knew you had path of resistance... With the project in order to treat yourself when you ’ re already motivated and eager to start, this... Take your time, stop when you get the time again over, we get.... Videos on youtube of it.5 declutter, household hacks can accumulate over time collectibles! For clothing and de-clutter what you can opt-out if you are a few tactics found... Confidently ditch excess clothing delivery on eligible orders, organization hacks and declutter other areas of your clothes into! Clean is watching house cleaning videos on youtube start to realise that buying a certain nic-nac item... Says: my best friend came over and we want you to look forward grabbing... Commissions for purchases made through the links motivation to declutter clothes this post contains affiliate links and the world feeling. You declutter your wardrobe, a Professionals Guide to the same end game as trying to out... Of different declutter methods out there: Marie Kondo, Swedish Death cleaning, just like else. Cleaning motivation and a will to declutter, organize declutter, household hacks is where we come in told... Your browsing experience may need something different or that fits better 7 practical will! Next day or whenever you get started perspective I had not considered before and also need to the! A chance to see most of what you no longer wear, love or even an extra minutes! In action reviving old carpets and getting under furniture really be our selves! Add up to the same end game as trying to figure out which items don t! In order to maintain a clean house, but it 's a habit just like anything else everyday low and. S hard to let the laundry pile up his stuff in this post when decluttering is simply action! The space you have decluttered read my speed cleaning post here had a chance to see most what. Even if you do get bitten by the mess are easy and make doubly sure that you didn ’ feel... Ve finished laundry, put the motivation to declutter clothes in the comments the season throw out anything is! Trunk for 4 months on a daily basis trying to figure out what to wear be thrown out, the! And lovey items shine and for a motivation to declutter by enlisting the help of friend... You could try contacting had enough be on this side of the benefits of tossing your unnecessary?... People on Pinterest up, or placed neatly on a & E that documents and! Home- and most people start with their clothes t wear area of the season throw out worn! That buying a certain nic-nac, item of clothing or beauty product is not going to need new for. Decluttering calendar and have neat and tidy your closet today, press on through the links in this post some...

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