It’s time to go home after the vacations and more than ever we feel like getting to a place where we are comfortable and even seem to follow that vacation. Make the return to the routine more bearable by tuning up your terrace. You will need saw blade for laminate.

Many times we forget the potential of a terrace and usually leave it as a storage room, but in reality we should treat it as a useful space and make it livable, considering it as a space more of home.

You can take advantage of all types of terraces regardless of their size and location. We usually have a wrong idea of the sizes of the terraces, because however small they may seem, you just have to get a bit of ingenuity and creativity to take advantage of the space.

Before starting with the reform of the exterior area we have to take into account the following factors:

  • Decide what use you want to give it: do you like to have breakfast outside? make dinner or lunch with family and friends? spend hours reading? sunbathe? make a garden? exercise? or just rest?
  • The possibilities are endless, but it is usually a limited space and therefore we will need to make a list of priorities.
  • Orientation: it is very important to know this in order to choose the right elements. It is convenient to know at what time the sun shines, where, etc.
  • Size: As we said before, we can take advantage of the space of any terrace as long as we use the appropriate components and adapt them to the terrain we have.
  • Design: Make it have a continuity with the interior of your house, take care of the aesthetics and integrate it to have coherence.

After making a study of these factors, we will be able to start choosing the following elements:

  • Plants: This is the main element that will make your terrace an oasis. We will have to take into account the climate, the orientation and the weight it can support. We can play with the seasonality to change slightly the terrace depending on the season.
  • Furniture: Armchairs, deckchairs, hammocks, tables and chairs, etc. but always functional, that you can use and that is as comfortable as possible.
  • Floor: Being an outdoor area must take into account the rain, the fall of water and its evacuation is of vital importance in the terraces. The pavement for the exterior must always be non-slip.
  • Lighting: The lighting helps us to have a night garden, with new sensations, with the games of light we can enhance elements that until now had not been highlighted.
  • Solar protection: We must know when the sun is shining, to put elements that give us shade when we need it, like parasols, awnings or pergolas.
  • Isolate the space: to make it more intimate, as much as you want. Help yourself with the plants to achieve this in a more natural and organic way.
  • We cannot forget the importance of maintaining this paradise. Above all we must emphasize on putting practical and easy watering systems to take care of the plants in the best way. In addition, it is essential to choose well the materials of the furniture so that they last as long as possible and save us time and money in their maintenance.

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