It is rare to find a summer cottage on which ants would not live. These generally harmless tiny insects cause a lot of concern to most gardeners, settling in the most undesirable places, on flower beds and vegetable beds. So how to get rid of ants in the country and is it worth doing at all?

It is hard to believe, but more than 350 species of ants will live in our country.

Once a year, in the middle of summer, a huge number of winged ants fly out of anthills, and usually, they all leave their homes on the same day. It seems that the air and the earth are simply teeming with insects. During this massive summer, males fertilize the females, after which the males die. Then the pregnant female drops its wings bury itself in the ground, and lays eggs.

For a summer resident unfamiliar with the behavior of ants, the damage caused by them is reduced to bites during work on the site. And these tiny wretches can ruin the flower garden, deciding to build a home there. In addition, they can build an anthill in the immediate vicinity of any plant, as a result of which it dries up. But this does not always happen.

Should I be angry with ants? After all, the main source of food for them is harmful insects, so that gluttonous crumbs can very significantly reduce their number in our sites.

On the other hand, these pranksters are big sweet tooths, and in order to always keep a tidbit on hand, aphids are bred. And they do not eat them, but milk them. They slam their antennae on their backs – and the aphids immediately secrete a drop of sweet substance, which the ants then drink.

Even in the cold season, these enterprising insects take aphids into their houses in order to plant them again in the spring. This is what the main harm from ants consists of.

At the same time, getting rid of ants once and for all is an almost impossible task. The queen of the anthill hides in the deep layers of the soil, so it is very, very difficult to destroy it. In an hour, the female is able to lay so many eggs that she will repeatedly cover all the damage caused to her “army” by the efforts of the summer resident.

Although it is impossible to completely remove ants from the site, gardeners and gardeners are coming up with new ways to deal with this “pest” that can significantly reduce its population.

In particular, the adverse digging conditions create an anthill. If during the course of this work you stumbled upon an anthill, then simply pour boiling water over it and the ants will die (remember that you should pour until all the insects die).

Carefully inspect your site, looking into each of its secluded nooks, and remove all the old thawed trees and bushes, rotten branches and stumps, where ants could get a cozy nest for themselves. In addition, dig all the virgin lands, paths (previously generously showering them with ash, which these little robbers simply hate). And do not forget to put in order a strip of land along the fence from its outer side – after all, there are many places convenient for the construction of the anthill.

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