Every person, for sure, dreams of always being surrounded by beauty. Beauty should surround us not only in the house but also on the street. Today, it is customary to decorate not only the inner space of the dwelling but also garden plots. A professional designer will be able to do everything according to the highest class. But for his services, you will have to pay a lot of money. And if you do not have huge sums of money, then you can get by on your own. Indeed, in order to make your courtyard attractive, you do not need to spend a lot of money. In this case, you can get by on a limited budget. Remember that garden design for the poor with their own hands can make absolutely any summer cottage attractive.

Planning an economical garden design

It is important to say at the beginning that it will not be possible to improve the site without spending money at all. Therefore, it is worth first calculating the amount of finance that you can allocate for improvement. Below we describe a sequence of actions that will make your garden more attractive. All for your garden here https://pestcontrolhacks.com/best-rat-poisons-an-all-rounded-review-of-8-best-poisons/

We are looking for materials for the arrangement.

Old trash, for sure, is in your dacha. It is usually stored in sheds or closets. The items that are suitable for garden design are exactly what you will use. In this case, the decoration of the garden can be used: boards, logs, old tires from a car, leaky barrels and buckets, pieces of reinforcement. You can even use holey shoes for arranging small mini-flower beds. An old bathtub and a broken stroller can be used as a flower bed.

We evaluate the site and future work.

If you are interested in the design of garden plots with your own hands, then you can consider some photos for inspiration. Thanks to them, you can find the perfect solution for yourself. Before you start decorating your garden, it is important to evaluate your site and draw up a rough plan. In this case, you can use a computer program, and if you do not know how to be friends with a computer, then there is no need to despair. Arm yourself with a pen with a notebook and go to your yard. It is necessary to sketch out an approximate plan of your site on a sheet of paper. Mark in the notebook the house and those buildings that are involved as outbuildings. In the plan, it is worth indicating the location of the cardinal points. And it is also necessary to assess the configuration of the site. Write about your soil and note any irregularities that are on it.

If the house was recently built and there are no landings next to it, then this is a good situation. But in practice, it is quite different. And so we all want to change the situation and produce an inexpensive landscape design for a summer cottage. As a rule, cheap materials or those materials that are at hand can be used here. You need to think about the layout of the garden area. What changes will you make in this case? If you intend to move the garden, then think in advance about the work that will be carried out.

Those plants that already grow in the country are written on a separate sheet. In a separate column, indicate those trees and plants that do not make sense to replant. You can quickly and cheaply change the decor in your garden using perennials. You don’t need to buy plants. It is enough to ask your friends who can give you their shoots.

Planning details.

From under the hands of an experienced designer, a beautiful drawing and a plan for describing actions for improving the garden plot can come out. But even without any skills, you can also do nothing worse. On a plan in an ordinary notebook, it is worth drawing with a pen the details that you want to get. In this case, it is necessary to place explanatory notes on the sidelines.

On the plan, flower beds are designated by an oval or a square. It all depends on the form they will have in the future. Straight or winding lines represent paths in the garden. Large circles are large trees. Small circles are shrubs. A number is put in the center of the circle. And then on a separate sheet opposite each, we put down the name of the plant.

In general, you need to develop your own notation system for design elements. This system should be convenient and understandable for you. At the same time, you can change your plan taking into account the possibilities and your desires.

Site design. General Tips

There are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your garden design. In this case, you can make the right decision and make your garden very beautiful.

We take into account the location of the cardinal points.

  • In the garden, everything must be located correctly relative to the cardinal points.
  • The north side will always be in the shade. Therefore, it is better to arrange a place to rest in this zone.
  • On the eastern side, the sun’s rays are from sunrise to noon. In such a zone, it is most pleasant to have a cup of tea in the early morning and listen to the birdsong. Therefore, it is recommended to place a table or bench here.
  • The western side is well illuminated by the sun’s rays. This usually happens from noon until sunset.
  • The south side is considered the best in the garden. The sun is in this part throughout the day. Therefore, all design elements, as well as flower beds, are recommended to be located in this area.

We divide the site into zones.

Even the smallest plot of land can be divided into certain zones. In this case, you do not have to build huge walls or plant expensive shrubs. Here you can get by with the budget option. To divide the area, it is enough to drive in a couple of stakes and pull the string. A climbing perennial or annual plant is worth planting nearby. The effect will be amazing. You can also stretch the string between two trees.

You can put on a solid support that can last more than one year: various grape varieties, clematis, honeysuckle. You can divide the site by means of arches with looped plants, trellises, or some kind of decorative walls.

Paths and paths.

Ordinary paths and paths in the country are not the best solutions. As a rule, it is not very convenient to walk on them due to dirt and weeds. The solution is simple. The paths are laid out with tiles. It is convenient and beautiful. You can also cover them with rubble or gravel. Naturally, the second option is cheaper, but if you have the opportunity, then choose a tile.

An excellent solution for the garden would be a path made of grass called “bird highlander”. This weed easily assimilates any surface. He is not afraid of trampling, and in the summer it is a pleasure to walk along such a path. This herb grows at great speed. Therefore, its growth can be reduced by trimming with trimer scissors.

A beautiful and very comfortable path can be obtained from birch logs. These logs are simply cut into circles, which should not be too thin. After that, the path is laid out in circles. The result will be very beautiful, and the path will take you a long time to fold.

On a note! A path of birch circles should not be laid out in the place where children play. They can trip over the mugs and get hurt.

And some more tips for arranging paths and paths.

  • For a solo hike, a trail 60-80 cm wide is suitable.
  • For paired paths, a path is built with a width of 1.2 meters.
  • To approach the house, a path is built with a width of 1.2-1.4 meters. Moreover, the garden path on the way to the house should smoothly expand.
  • The shape of the path must be chosen taking into account the landscape features of your summer cottage.
  • If the path has sharp bends, then they are masked. As a rule, in this case, decorative trees or shrubs are used.
  • There should be a flat and wide road from the front exit to the gate.

Let’s talk about curbs

Curbs are an integral part of any suburban area. You can build them from different materials. Suitable in this case: tile and border tape. But sometimes such materials are not available at the dacha. The way out of the situation is very simple. Take discs and planks from wood. But they should first be impregnated with used engine oil. This action will prevent the material from rotting. Such curbs may not last long. But during this time, you will be able to find those materials that will become a replacement and form a beautiful border.

Lawn in the country.

In this article, we list DIY garden design ideas. In addition to tips, you can also see photos here. Lawn is quite common in landscape design. But this element is considered the most difficult to care for. And if there is no money to buy seeds, but really want to have a plot with a lawn, then you can get by with a budget option. In this situation, an area with grass is selected, which is regularly mowed. Remember that by constantly mowing the grass, weeds lose their ability to grow and also multiply. In a couple of years of such actions, the weed will completely leave the site, and it will be replaced by beautiful grasses that usually grow in the meadow.

A meadow grass lawn will not be very pretty. However, it is extremely easy to care for such a site. They mow it once a month, but the grass is not harvested, it will be a fertilizer. In addition, it will be difficult for weeds to germinate through it. This type of lawn has several other advantages. For example, he is not afraid of trampling and it is so pleasant to walk on him barefoot in the summer to harden the body.

Small forms of architecture.

MAFs are auxiliary elements in the decor of the garden plot. MAF is a small architectural form. They can be: benches, gazebos, arches, pergolas and other elements. Some of these elements are easy to make yourself. At the same time, colossal funds will not have to be spent. For example, it is very easy to make benches. And to add beauty or from strong winds, a trellis is installed behind the bench, which is made of slats or planks. Also, for beauty, you can plant vines that will beautifully braid this support.

Quite often you can see gazebos in the garden area. But it’s not so easy to build it with your own hands. And this event is costly. You can act differently. Take reinforcement or high poles, from which form a hut. Climbing plants are planted next to such a structure. Naturally, such a gazebo is not able to protect from rain and precipitation. But it is quite possible to hide from the sun. In addition, such a product will be an excellent decorative element.

Flower beds and flower beds.

Just digging up an area and planting flowers on it is half the battle. It is worth remembering that even the most expensive varieties of plants will look ridiculous in not well-groomed beds or flower beds. It is best to use fewer plants in the composition. However, it is worth considering combining them.

In the country, flower beds and flower beds can be of completely different shapes. Moreover, the size can also be different. Building a beautiful flower garden is not an easy task. But, if you take into account some rules, then you will succeed.

First, the selected site and environmental conditions are assessed. The site for planting flowers must be consecrated and have fertile soil. Plants are only planted in a suitable location. They are grouped according to the demand for watering. In this case, it is highly not recommended to plant a moisture-loving plant with a plant that loves moderate watering. In such a situation, one of the plants will definitely suffer.

When planting flowers, you should pay attention to the layering. Low flowers are in the foreground. But put the large ones in the back. Small plants should frame the entire flower garden if it is clearly visible from all sides. But big flowers are planted in the center.

Throughout the season, the flower garden should play a decorative role. Before you plan your flower bed, you need to know the timing of the flowering of the plants that you plan to plant. Pay attention to the decorative foliage plants. They are quite diverse. Therefore, you can easily find everything you need.

In a flower garden, all flowering plants must match in color. A flower bed must be correctly selected. White flowers are a good option. They can be combined with flowers of any color. But the 50:50 color ratio isn’t particularly pretty. Correct combination of 1/3 and 2/3.

Flower beds made of handy material

Do you think that decorating an area with flowers is an expensive undertaking? Then it’s worth saying that you are grossly mistaken. You will have to spend money only on planting material, but handy materials will be required to create flower beds. An old bathtub, an unnecessary log and even a leaky bucket – all this can serve you to create an original flower bed.

Old shoes and bags can participate in the arrangement of landscape design. These items are filled with earth and hung around the site. Lobelia and petunia grow well in such interesting flower beds.

If you pre-paint the old tires of the car, then you can plant flowers in them.


In this article, we have listed for readers just a few options for arranging a summer cottage. Of course, we offer you not expensive ideas with the help of which your garden will sparkle with new colors.

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