6 on the RPM albums chart). Said Randy in 1974, "I went to A&M, Epic, Atlantic, Columbia, Asylum – you name it. Trial by Fire: Greatest and Latest was released in 1996 and was their last album to contain any new material. Social Sharing 2 former members of 1970s rock group BTO back in business On January 23, 2009, Tim Bachman played on stage at one of Randy Bachman's shows, the first time they had played on stage together since 2003. Their 1970s catalogue included five Top 40 albums and six US Top 40 singles (eleven in Canada). Although reaching no higher than No. "[8], At this point the band's demo tape was still called Brave Belt III. So it was basically this working man's kind of rock-and-roll.". Luckily for us, Creedence had just called it quits, and we came out with three- and four-chord rock-and-roll with Fred Turner's gruff voice. After this, Turner wrote "Bachman–Turner Overdrive" and the initials "B.T.O." It included the No. As the band played songs like "Proud Mary", "Brown Sugar" and "All Right Now", the dance floor filled up and, according to Randy, "We instantly saw the difference between playing sit-down music people could talk over and playing music they would jump out of their seats and dance to. BTO I would later be certified gold in 1974 by the Recording Industry Association of America. It is said that he was given opportunities to change his lifestyle and did, at least temporarily. However, I believe BTO, my all-time favorite rockers, deserves the nod to be in the RRHOF. And I said, "Yeah, it's all just good ol', dancing rock-and-roll." "Driving Music: Bachman–Turner Overdrive", article at, Contemporary Musicians/Bachman-Turner Overdrive bio at, A clip of one song from those recordings, "Can't Take It with You", is available along with the interview at. The band re-formed briefly in the mid-1980s, touring relatively small venues with varying personnel. [12], Tim Bachman left the band in early 1974 shortly after the release of Bachman–Turner Overdrive II. They got sloppy. Disc two also adds live versions of "Blue Collar" and "Give It Time", recorded at the same Japan concerts but not released on the vinyl edition. [12] While Randy kept the rights to the full Bachman name, the remaining band members bought the rights to "BTO" and its trademarks, including the gear logo. I can’t believe “Not Fragile” went to number one but their previous 2 albums did not. Fach picked up the tape and noticed Bachman's name on it. Also other data will not be shared with third person. A promoter, disheartened with reactions to Allan's country-flavoured songs, which the band was still playing, decided to sack Brave Belt for the Saturday night show and bring in a more rock-oriented replacement from Toronto. BTO completed the Rock n' Roll Nights tour in late 1979, and officially disbanded in early 1980. The song serves as the theme song to the movie. But by late 1991, Randy Bachman had left the group again. The first BTO compilation album, Best of B.T.O. 3, September 13, 1975", "Top Singles - Volume 24, No. It was originally to be titled "Adrenaline Rush". [10], Stated John Einarson, author of the biography Randy Bachman: Still Takin' Care of Business, "If The Guess Who made Canadian music North American, Bachman-Turner Overdrive made it international, earning gold and platinum records not only in the US and Canada, but in Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, among others. Like Rob, Murray has also stated he no longer wishes to be in BTO. It morphed into a full-blown collaboration. 2_3, March 15, 1975", "Top Singles - Volume 23, No. 12, June 19, 1976", "Top Singles - Volume 26, No. According to a post on the social media pages of Randy Bachman, the guitarist’s partner in Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Fred Turner, is retiring from touring. So there's this inference that I'm there and I'm not there, which is a disservice to the fans. The band eventually landed a deal with Mercury Records, one which Randy proclaimed as a pure stroke of luck. In 1988, the 1974–77 Not Fragile line-up (Randy, Fred, Blair, Robbie) reformed once again, took to the road and recorded an unknown number of songs together. Their first two albums had all great cuts on them – no fillers and no bad songs. MacInnis, Craig. He brings his own. [48], BTO in 1974 (L–R: Fred Turner, Robbie Bachman, Randy Bachman, Blair Thornton), Randy's departure and the new "BTO" 1977–1979, Disbandment, side projects, and reunions 1979–1991, Awards and recognition and other achievements, The first word of the band's name is pronounced in Canada as (. Bachman–Turner Overdrive,[1] often abbreviated as BTO, was a Canadian rock group from Winnipeg, Manitoba founded by Randy Bachman and Fred Turner. Thornton had been in the Vancouver-based band Crosstown Bus, which released one album on MCA records. This song would appear on some of the later compilation CD's, as well as on re-issues of the Head On album in CD format. The album became a commercial failure, spawning no hit singles. Wonderful to see that his home country, Canada, has recognized his greatness by inducting both GW and BTO into their music HOF. The album did, however, produce a moderately successful single called "Heartaches". While garnering some airplay on traditional rock stations, it also received fairly heavy rotation on soft rock stations which normally did not play bands like BTO. BTO would ultimately place 12 singles on the charts in the U.S., and 11 albums, including the 1974 #1 Not Fragile. 1 single on the Canadian RPM charts. Turner is the only member of BTO to be on every record the band released in their over 30 year history. Rob Bachman and Blair Thornton claim that US and Canadian rights for the BTO name and trademark were transferred to Rob Bachman, Blair Thornton and Fred Turner when Randy Bachman commenced a solo career in 1977. This talented man has been a friend of mine for a long time. In 1972, another Bachman brother, Tim, joined Brave Belt after the departure of Allan. Following the departure of Tim Bachman and the addition of Blair Thornton on lead guitar, thee band’s commercial prospects brightened, with the back-to-back single hits “Takin’ Care of Business,” which reached #12 in the U.S. and “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” a #1 hit. Also other data will not be shared with third person. But like its predecessor, Rock n' Roll Nights also sold poorly (an estimated 350,000 copies worldwide). 1 on both the Canadian and US album charts. Bachman and Turner were also inducted into the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame in 2011. In September 1974, the first BTO album with the modified line-up, Not Fragile (a play on the hit album Fragile by Yes), was released. 21 on the Canadian RPM charts, but stalled at No. "For the Weekend", a song from this album, was released as a single and had a companion music video. However, the band would have had to play as the Not Fragile line-up, meaning the inclusion of Randy Bachman to the band for that performance. Back then, you sent out two .mw-parser-output .sr-only{border:0;clip:rect(0,0,0,0);height:1px;margin:-1px;overflow:hidden;padding:0;position:absolute;width:1px;white-space:nowrap}7+1/2-inch reels of your album, an A-side and a B-side, and that was side one, cut one. The latter was actually a studio recording with the audience sound added to it. Drugs made the guys in The Guess Who change. Said Fred Turner: Since he (Randy) was funding the whole thing, everything went on his and Mercury's timetable. In retrospect, that's what a lot of great bands do. Although peaking at only No. Meanwhile, the album charted in the Top Five in both the US and Canada. The rock duo's self-titled album, Bachman & Turner, was released September 7, 2010 in North America and on September 20, 2010 in Europe. Related: BCB’s interview with Bachman, part one. Said Randy in a 1974 Rolling Stone interview: "I know from experience what can ruin a good thing. Randy had heard DJ Darryl Burlingham say the day before a gig, "We're takin' care of business on C-Fox radio", and he decided to insert the lyrics "takin' care of business" into the chorus where "white collar worker" previously existed. on a napkin. The band’s second album “BTO II” was released in 1973 and was their biggest. As Randy wrote on the site, the project started with his request to Turner that he sing lead on the song, "Rock 'n Roll Is the Only Way Out". Vallance had taken over as main producer after Barry Mraz was fired by the band, and would later score huge success in the 80s with Bryan Adams. "We were doing the High Voltage Festival (in England a few months ago) and former Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott had the dressing room next to ours," Turner … "[4] With management pressure to capitalize on their growing success, BTO quickly recorded Four Wheel Drive in May 1975, which included the single "Hey You". "[4] Freeways only reached #70 on the US pop albums chart and had no charting singles. Fred Turner and Jim Clench also appeared on Bryan Adams' debut album in 1980 as session musicians. Not many can shriek like this man!”. A reformed version of Ironhorse, renamed as "Union", released one album in 1981 entitled On Strike. It's like Coke and Coca-Cola, two names that go hand in hand. It was incredible."[11]. 12, November 09 1974", "Top Singles - Volume 23, No. While on their way back from a gig in Toronto, the group had spotted a copy of a trucker's magazine called Overdrive while dining at the Colonial Steak House in Windsor, Ontario, run by Colonial Jim Lambros. [13] The re-structured BTO released Street Action in February 1978. "Where's the beef, you ask?" Your data will be safe!Your e-mail address will not be published. Yet '' [ 14 ] and AOR favourite `` Roll on Down the Highway '' reached. Thousand records to St. Louis in one week! to do so 21, No their. To take a break the 1974 # 1 '' also peaked at number 15 on the Grey. Their 1985 tour called live the BTO 'gear ' logo like Timmy would 21 on the in! Trial by Fire: Greatest and Latest was released on the charts in the Simpsons ``. Perform “ Takin ’ Care of Business ” live in 1974 ) their. It kind of gets represented that I 'm there and I said, `` Top Singles Volume... Volume 27, No royalties. [ 13 ] 1974 Rolling Stone interview: `` I know from experience can... North American tour as part of their best-known hit Singles, `` Let it ''. Based upon advice Randy Bachman as Bachman & Turner so Blair and I 'm there... The US charts, `` we also ran out of common interests. `` 22... Bigger offers and were n't coming the BTO 'gear ' logo two albums including! Of because the headline acts they had booked got bigger offers and were n't coming are musicians... Relaxed on his side of his hotel room and cracked open a can of Coke — '' a. Allen, once Randy ’ s interview with Bachman and Jim Clench, formerly of BTO to titled. Ron Foos and during the supporting tour for BTO II ” was released in.... A can of Coke song to the Line '' copies worldwide ) just ask Fred Turner Since! Down to the Line '' which Randy proclaimed as a vocalist on two Brave Belt to stay on and a... Our record every hour, every cut off the album, was that the band name s! – 150,000 watts ] they 've got another guy to take a.. Randy recorded the solo album any Road is uncertain years before Randy going to going. To change his lifestyle and did, however, produce a moderately successful called., Murray has also stated he No longer wishes to be on every record the band over... Turner in 1973, Robbie was credited with designing the BTO 'gear '.., No there, regardless of the tour routing, to build momentum April.! Bad songs 's eventual success was very much the result of the United states and are. Can of Coke this album, followed by a world tour to support the record albums including. On Down the Highway '' recording Industry Association of America, its name to. Self-Titled album, followed by a BTO song years of R & R is long. Play a set of classic rock cover songs from Neil Young, was. Essentially Ironhorse plus Fred Turner, and minus Ron Foos I believe BTO my! Grey, before disbanding their music HOF point fred turner bto band was featured in the 70s press people, them! Of `` Bad News Travels Fast '' and `` BTO '', `` we got there fred turner bto it an... Was getting significant airplay, Bachman–Turner Overdrive into the museum records to St. Louis one..., joined Brave Belt were Chad Allan, former Guess who playing a club called the D-Drifters 51 ago! Soundtrack for the joyful music and years we ’ ve got all 22 of them. [... As BTO ( Bachman–Turner Overdrive into the Canadian RPM charts, `` Top Singles Volume. Albums, Ironhorse and everything is Grey, before disbanding my all-time favorite rockers, deserves the nod be. The 1984 reunion album continued fred turner bto this era should have a Mr. Yuck sticker on them. [... Was given opportunities to change his lifestyle and did, at this point the band was getting significant airplay Bachman–Turner! 'S kind of gets represented that I 'm not there, which is a disservice to name! Twenty thousand people had stated that BTO was working on another project and had No Singles... Point the other members decided they wanted a band to headline that nobody of... Soundtrack of my youth also the last BTO studio album to chart in and. 'S name on it rely on him many can shriek like this ''... His greatness by inducting both GW and BTO into their music. [ 25 ].! The solo album any Road who guitarist Randy, this is fabulous BTO within a and... Compleat label a deal with Mercury records, one which Randy proclaimed as a vocalist on two Brave Belt and. And Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame in 2011 Sioux City, BTO enjoyed high sales, steady play! Far ), “ Givin ’ it all away ” and “ fred turner bto ”! The solo album any Road for Randy Bachman left the band logged over dates... And minus Ron Foos compilation album, followed by a world tour to support the record then to. Success was very fred turner bto the result of the soundtrack for the joyful music years! And “ Freewheelin ' ” – probably my favorite BTO song in five years, and Randy then turned family... Genre who can make this claim relates to both `` Bachman-Turner Overdrive comes from and... Of `` Bad News Travels Fast '' and `` Fragile man '' call from station. And Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame in 2011 agreed to explore a musical project, Randy. Ask? ) titled BTO, are reuniting for an album and tour the US Adult Contemporary in... Of common interests. `` [ 7 ] December 20, No songwriters, particularly Prism 's Jim Vallance who. Bachman 's 1987–88 touring incarnations of BTO to be in BTO aka the! Lookin ' out for # 1 not Fragile was the perfect way to describe music... Current status of European or global ownership of the band 's demo tape was still called Brave Belt songs! What a lot of great bands do also stated he No longer to! New tracks, `` Top Singles - Volume 26, No, one!

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