Ants, when they infest the house, are really a problem for most people.

These annoying insects, which belong to the family of hymenoptera insects, are extremely ancient and live in a complex society where everyone has well identified tasks. Ants are also dedicated to the colonization of territories, which is why keeping them under control is of fundamental importance. They are not dangerous insects but have a very strong instinct towards colonization, so it is necessary to try to keep them under control because they tend to colonize houses and pantries.

Also, this problem can be in garden. Taking the cue from the article “Ants in the House” published by bionotizie today we propose simple and easy advice on how to eliminate these insects from our homes and first of all on how to prevent their presence. For a start, it would be good to keep the house clean at all times. In fact, ants are always looking for leftovers of food, crumbs, residues; when you leave leftovers of food around the house, it is as if you invite them to come. That is why the first thing to do is to prevent the presence of ants and try to avoid leaving crumbs on the ground in the areas of the house. Do not leave the doors open and repair any cracks in the windows or windowsills, which may help them to enter.

Eliminate ants with natural methods

Many people do not want to use poisons or chemicals to getting rid of sugar ants, perhaps because they have animals or small children at home, and so they want to opt for natural solutions.
When you identify ants, you have to follow them and try to figure out where the nest is, which is usually in plaster cracks or small holes. Then sprinkle the surroundings of the nest with talcum powder in order to try to eradicate them.

Lemon juice is also an excellent natural remedy that disorients ants, preventing them from looking for food and therefore pushing them to leave the area. Cinnamon and mint are also smells that ants don’t really appreciate at all, so if you grow some mint at home or put cinnamon sticks in the closet this should be enough to keep them away.

Natural remedies also include some solutions that are not used to keep ants away but to kill ants. The first one is borax, which is to be mixed with water and sugar, apply it on paper traps so that the ants take them to their nest.

You can also use coffee grounds, which are very hated by ants, or vinegar, which is extremely annoying for ants and keeps them away. But if you have time and ingenuity, you can also build a trap to take these insects away from the house. You can create a trap full of honey to throw them away from your home. A solution made with water, vinegar and lemon essential oil is also ideal for keeping ants away, as well as spices (especially chilli, cloves and paprika).

Spreading salt near the edges of the windows and the anthill is an excellent deterrent.

Chemical methods against ants

If natural remedies can’t keep ants out of the house, then it’s time to opt for chemical remedies that can be an ideal solution to keep these unwanted guests away.
Anti-formic baits consist of small boxes that contain substances harmful to ants and are placed on the insects’ paths. The insecticide powder, mixed with water and sprayed in the infested areas, is also a practical action: but don’t forget that there are excellent ant sprays on the market that act immediately.

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