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Run Away – PolkaPalooza 2016

Alex Meixner, along with the Polka Family Band and the “GuitarSlingers” at PolkaPalooza 2016 at the Reading Liederkranz on Mount Penn, Reading, PA, 6/17/16. Part of Berks Country Fest: An Americana Music Jamboree.

SHEL – Live at Berks Country Fest An Americana Music Jamboree: Battle of Evermore

SHEL performed to a capacity, sold-out audience when they appeared at Building 24 – Live, Wyomissing, PA, as a part of the 2016 Berks Country Fest: An Americana Music Jamboree, produced by Pretzel City Productions, LLC, on 6/11/16.

Here they first explain their family background, then a story about meeting Robert Plant, and then they perform their ethereal version of Led Zeppelin’s Battle of Evermore.

Sam Schmidthuber

hay-pic-3Nashville Recording Artist, Sam Schmidthuber, a gifted singer and performer at 15, has been performing locally at different venues since the age of 9.  Sam won the 2016 PA Farm Show Has Talent Contest for vocals. When not performing his own shows, he is frequently a guest singer with local bands.
Sam recently finished recording a new EP in Nashville this month, with many legendary Nashville musicians.  This EP was released Oct. 2 and is now available for purchase through this website:

Sam Schmidthuber’s session in WEEU’s Sound Room can be viewed here:

Mountain Folk Single Microphone Competition

2016 First Prize winner: Grexin

2016 First Prize winner: Grexin

Entries are now being accepted for talent to compete in the exciting 2nd annual Mountain Folk Single Microphone Competition, sponsored by Ear Trumpet Laboratories, on Sunday, June 18, at the Evergreen Club, 415 Hartz Road, Fleetwood, PA, from 1:45pm to 6:15pm, as a part of the annual Berks Country Fest: An Americana Jamboree.

Our goal of the Single Mic Competition is to give musicians networking opportunities and a worthwhile learning experience for all participants in a wholesome and healthy atmosphere.


OPEN TO: Bands of three or more

Space For Six Bands Are Available In 2017: A “band” needs to be three or more musicians. The six bands will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. All bands will be scheduled from start to finish in round one as they apply. No skipping time slots. Bands must report to the stage no later than 30 minutes before the contest begins to let us know that they are present and ready to perform.

TO REGISTER: Send an e-mail to with band information

ATTENTION PARTICIPATING BANDS: Meadowood Music is offering to lend a microphone to bands competing that would like to practice with a single-microphone before going on stage. Contact Paula at Meadowood Music for further details!

June 18th Event Schedule:

Single Mic Contest – Round 1

1:45 to 2:00PM: Crow Hill

2:00 to 2:15PM: Lady Bird

2:15 to 2:30PM: Santara Wind

2:30 to 2:45PM: Time Slot Currently Open

2:45 to 3:00PM: Time Slot Currently Open

3:00 to 3:15PM: Dave Kline and the Mountain Folk Band

3:45 to 4:30pm: Michael& Jennifer McLain Band, featuring fiddle Dan Kelly

Single Mic Contest – Round 2 (4:45PM to 5:30PM)

Bands from round one will have their band name selected from a hat to determine their performance times in round two. Performance times for round two will then be announced.

6:00 to 6:15PM: Contest winners announced

6:15 to 6:30: Solo Act for 15 minutes while scores are tallied

6:30 to 7:00PM: Encore performance from winning band

7:30 to 8PM: Mountain Folk Fest farewell group jam and wrap-up; winning band is invited to jam along with everyone else as we wrap up the festival


1st Place:

  • The highest scoring, (first place), band will win a Microphone and case
  • The opportunity to be hired for the 2018 Mountain Folk Fest in June
  • The opportunity to record an entire one-hour Mountain Folk radio & web show with interviews and music and a chance to perform live on WEEU Radio and film
  • Film a Sound Room video session

2nd & 3rd Place:

  • Win a chance to record an entire one-hour Mountain Folk radio & web show with interviews and music
  • Perform live on WEEU Radio
  • Film a Sound Room video session


All entries must be pre-signed up in the available slots. First come, first served, from earliest to latest time slots available.

All entrants must pay the festival ticket fee to enter the festival grounds, however, there is no entrance fee for the contest. Bands that are being paid to perform as a part of the current year’s Mountain Folk Festival are ineligible to compete in the contest.

All songs should be in the musical tradition of acoustic bluegrass, gospel-bluegrass, folk mountain music, nature-themed or traditional country music. All lyrics must be in a manner consistent with family-friendly values and ethics. No foul language in the lyrics please.

Only acoustic instruments will be allowed. No keyboards, drums or electric bass will be allowed. This is a single microphone contest.

All groups will perform two times on the day of the competition, and will be evaluated by different judges each round. Scores will be compiled from both rounds to determine the overall winner(s). Each group will be allowed to perform up to ten minutes each round. Please rehearse with a timer to be sure you don’t play longer than ten minutes, including dialogue or introductions. Timing begins with the first vocal utterance or musical sound. All participants must perform different songs on each round of the competition.

The purpose of the contest is to provide networking opportunities for musicians and a worthwhile learning experience for all participants in a wholesome and healthy atmosphere.
Bands will be adjudicated on the following basis:

  • Instrumental ability (in time, in tune, degree of difficulty) 25%
  • Vocal ability (in time, in tune, degree of difficulty) 25%
  • Professionalism (wardrobe, smiles, eye contact, movement, working the microphone) 25%
  • Audience appeal (based on audible response) 25%.

All decisions by contest judges will be final. Judges shall not enter into discussions regarding the contest outcome. No judge shall offer notes or critiques of any band or band member.



2016 Winner: Grexin’

Grexin band members included Ethan Bosco on vocals and rhythm guitar, Sydney Jones on vocals and washboard, Tony Gentile on lead guitar, Brock Lee on mandolin, Kyle Madeya on bass fiddle and James Haggerty on vocals and fiddle

2nd Place: Uncle Jake & the 18 Wheel Gang

3rd Place: The Comeback Trio