Do’s and don’ts of outdoor music festivals

Berks Country Fest is just days away! It’ll be 17 days of music, food, fun and family.

Before things kick off this Friday, I’d like to offer a few pointers on making the most of your experience at outdoor concerts and venues, no matter what event or show you attend!


DON’T text or use your phone too much – you’re missing the show! Plus the artists might feel a bit neglected. It’s just good manners.
DO remember to drink plenty of water
DO bring sunscreen, hats and rain gear
DO pack chairs and/or blankets
DO be mindful of people behind you; don’t block their view
DON’T dress too warmly – layering is best
DON’T be shy about showing your appreciation for the band(s)

Most importantly – relax, have fun and enjoy the family friendly vibe of Berks Country Fest 2017!

— Dana Hoffman

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