World War II and The Reading Airport

While many know the Reading Airport as the home of World War II Weekend, the regional hub also served numerous military roles during World War II.

In September of 1944, German prisoners of war started arriving at the airport. About 250 POWs remained at the Reading Regional Airport where they were put to work and forced to help local farmers harvest produce.

The airport, however, also served a role in training air force members. In June 1943 the Reading Regional Airport transformed into the Reading Army Airfield where it served as a training camp for tactical reconnaissance units.

After World War II ended, the airport served as a training facility for a handful of reserve bombardment groups until 1950, when the airport returned to commercial uses.

While the airport has shifted back to a commercial transportation hub, the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s World War II Weekend keeps the area’s historical Importance alive with their yearly celebration, featuring actual airplanes from the 1940’s.