Demystifying the Crooked Road

While Berks County isn’t connected to the Crooked Road, music from the historic area will be when Music from the Crooked Road featuring Wyatt Rice, Claiborne Woodall and Glorylanders of New River Valley take the stage at Berks Country Fest.

If you’re anything like us, you didn’t know what the Crooked Road was, or why it had any relevance to Berks Country Fest. Well, here ya go: a few things to know about the Crooked Road.


What is the Crooked Road?

The Crooked Road refers to the 300-mile highway following Route 58 which connects the Blue Ridge Highlands to the Heart of Appalachia, both of which are famous for their contributions to country music.


Blue Ridge Highlands

There’s plenty of culture to take in along this historic stretch, but if you want to see where country music comes from, you have to take a trip to Bristol, Tennessee to visit the Country Music Museum.glorylanders