Five snack aisle wine pairing suggestions

Five snack aisle wine pairing suggestions


I’ll be the first to admit I lack foresight when it comes to wine pairings. I’ve never been one to wrestle over selecting the perfect spiced meats, artisan cheeses, and locally-sourced pretzels to cozy up to my wine with. But I do like to keep a bunch of salty snack foods in my closet because, well, I could live off of the stuff.

I set out to try five of my snack food aisle favorites with some red and white wine in an effort to find some enjoyable and frugal pairings.

Now, I’m not saying these options will do anything crazy like successfully marry the spicy flavor of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with the fruity overtones of MD 20/20. What I am saying is that these snacks work well with wine.

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Note: None of these snacks are sponsors; I’m just a fan. Also, these are in no particular order.




Ritz Chips

I have no idea what Ritz is doing with these things, and frankly, I don’t need to. As far as I can tell, these salty treats are just fried crackers. And while you might have used them as a vessel for dipping, I can assure they are great when consumed with wine. I tried the Original flavor, but there is a variety of options to choose from.


Fire Roasted Tomato & Olive Oil Triscuits

If you’ve seen Triscuits in the grocery store aisle then you’ve seen the ludicrous amount of flavors they offer. I’ll admit I have absolutely no idea if these things taste like fire roasted tomatoes, but I do know that these lengthily named snacks go great with whatever wine you’re sipping.


Goldfish Crackers

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. Don’t leave yet. I know this sounds weird, but it works. They’re pretty similar to regular crackers, and they do sort of fit the cheese cracker trend that’s become ubiquitous to wine-drinkers. They’re definitely not going to up your status symbol, but their ability to complement wine deserves to be noticed.



Goldfish made sense to me and so do these. With a variety of cheesy flavors to choose from, it’s not hard to envision the classic cheese-flavored cracker with your favorite glass of wine. I tried the Sharp Cheddar and Parmesan Cheez-It Duos with my red wine.


New York Style Bagel Crisps

They’re not exactly the fresh baguette taste you might be looking for, but they’re always sitting around my house. Crunchy and bread-like, bagel crisps can serve many purposes from being dipped to serving as a base for some hors d’oeuvres, and in this case, acting as a substitute for bread.


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  1. Bill C on

    Yes, nothing like a glass of Mad Dog 20/20 with a bowl full of Goldfish Crackers – but, make sure you get the colored ones – shows a little class in the snacks 🙂 I really do like the flavored Triscuits with sharp cheddar and perhaps a merlot or cab.


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