Uncle Jake & the 18 Wheel Gang


What began as a professional campfire jam experience between Lefty Wilson (Scruggs banjo) and Brown Bird “Coontail” Gunther James (6-string banjo), quickly recruited the expertise of Stove “The Iron Swan” Moose (primal banjo) and Klabe Dunn (mandolin banjo) for an ultimate open-mic and late-night festival jug-less Jug-Grass adventure. Blazing an unrivaled path through the local Pennsylvania bar and festival scene, the Gang had soon snatched up the honorary services of Hamburg native Sir Brandon “Re-bar” The First (washboard percussion banjo extraordinaire) and those of Reading’s Zak Auchenbach (bass; variety: upright banjo) to complete their current, touring, name-droppin’, finger poppin’ line-up of Uncle Jake & the 18 Wheel Gang.

The Gang can be seen performing songs that have traditionally been originals, alongside some more tunes that are originally traditionals that can be heard reverberating out of the heart of most town and city folk alike, from any mountain tavern, campfire, or late night stage across this side of the continent.

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