Frog Holler

Originally formed as a bluegrass trio, Frog Holler has evolved into a genre-defying, mostly
electric sextet, releasing six full-length recordings and an EP since 1996.
They have built their reputation on marathon live shows, loose but honest, emotional investments that have paid off with an intensely loyal fan base that far outreaches its Berks County, Pennsylvania home.
Pretty amazing considering the band has toured cautiously throughout it’s career, preferring the quality over quantity route in an effort to stay sane, intact and solvent. They remain independent serving as their own manager, booking their own shows and releasing their own records (ZoBird Records), sacrificing a wider appeal to remain in control enabling them to continue making music and functioning as a band in the truest sense of the word. Every Tuesday night, Frog Holler convenes at a local Berks County musical enclave known as the
Moonlight Forest to hang out, have a meal, and play some music.
Holler drummer, Daniel Bower, lives at the house and with the help of Ben Longenecker built a pro tools studio in 2007, opening the door for Frog Holler to do something it had always wanted, make a recording in the comforts of its home surroundings. With Longenecker co-producing, the band spent most of 2008 fleshing out the songs upstairs in the rehearsal space and then walking down to the basement to put them to tape. The result is “Believe It Or Not”, 10 songs from Frog Holler.

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